Eliana’s Last Day of School

28 05 2007

Well, she will go to school when she’s older, last Friday was her last day at Day Care, which she knows as school. It’s been a strange roller coaster ride with the daycare Eliana was in as she initially had the best teachers there, and ended up with a new one almost every week. While things have stabilized, we felt that Eliana would have more fun and interest in doing other activities offered around town.

First, Eliana loves to swim. She was probably a fish in a previous life. So, we have re-enrolled her in swim classes. We managed to get her back with the swim teacher she really enjoyed, and I hope she has fun learning to swim again.

Next, her mom enrolled her in a ballet class. I’m not sure about this one yet, but I’ll see what happens. I’d like to think I was trying to avoid gender stereotypes when doing things with my girls, but sometimes it even feels to me that I am just doing things that I would do if my children were boys.  I don’t want them to not experience something because “that’s for boys”.  At the same time, I should probably let them experience things that are for girls only as well.

I think Eliana is also signed up for another class, but I’m not sure what it is. I think it has to do with the public library. If her mom reads this post, maybe she’ll put the activity in the comments.

So, after a fun run of getting up in the morning and Eliana and me heading out together, it will now just be me again. Her last day of school was oddly non-eventful. We arrived early, as we didn’t want to rush Eliana, but we still were to go to the gym afterwards. To me, it was a sad day because I know that Eliana enjoyed coming to school most days and she looked forward to playing with her friends. Thinking back on it now, this may not be one of our better decisions. After all, we are doing exactly the thing I didn’t want to do: take her out of a familiar environment and put her in a place full of new faces.

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