I said “Hi”

28 05 2007

This weekend, I decided to paint our upstairs play/media room. It’s a holiday weekend, and I have an extra day before we head out on vacation, so I figured it would be enough time to get one room painted. As I was out of painting supplies from my last painting excursion (where I vowed never to paint again), I headed to my local Home Depot. While there, I was shopping for colors as well as supplies. In the color sampler aisle, Eliana was in the shopping cart, sitting in the seat, facing me. She was in a gleefully cheery mood, and was smiling and talking to me. Then, came someone, and she said “Hi” to them. Then quickly, another person came. “Hello”. And just as quick, someone with a small kid in the cart: “Hi”, and a wave. I was pretty amazed. Just as they all passed, Eliana looked at me and said “Apa, I said Hi”. I was quite pleased that Eliana could face up to her fears and talk to unknown people. This is definitely more than I can do. I patted her on the head and made sure she knew how happy I was that she said hi to everyone. 

The people who noticed that she had said hi responded with a quick hi themselves. Some either didn’t know she was talking to them, or just decided to ignore her. Eliana said “I said hi to them”, pointing to the unresponsive individual. I told her it was ok, and they just didn’t hear her.

But, in all, it was fun to see Eliana testing those barriers that have plagued me my whole life. I just hope that she will be safe, and know that not everyone is a friendly person. I guess that is the next lesson I must teach her, because I don’t know what I would do without her.

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