Now We’ve Done It

11 06 2007

In our never-ending quest to escape the desert heat, we have been looking for a place in Oregon for quite a while now. When we first looked around, we looked at a variety of properties: in downtown, on the waterfront, new construction, previously owned homes. All were nice, the sticker shock is what surprised us the most. Wasn’t this supposed to be a buyer’s market? Well, I guess not in the Portland area.

So, on my last business trip to the Portland area, I took a short trip with our realtor and took a look at a place that she had recommended to us. Timberland is a new community of single family condos and townhomes. if there are such things. So, on the last trip, after looking at most of the models and floor plans, I was a little unimpressed. Not that the models weren’t good, but they didn’t fit our family needs all that well. But, just before we left, we saw one last model, and I was sold. It’s about half as large as our current place, and it is actually smaller than our house was in Tucson, but I think it will still fit our family due to its shape, spacing and storage areas.

We’re basically in a no lose situation, as we want to see how the market improves (or not) over the next few months (since this is new construction). I truely hope we can make the move to a more pleasant climate.

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