Pool Safety

2 07 2007

Just a quick note on pool safety for the summer… Watch your kids when they are anywhere near the pool, and don’t take your eyes or ears off them.

 Yesterday, I was visiting my parent’s house, and they have a pool in the backyard. I thought it would be a great to time to take Eliana in the water as she loves going in the pool. I knew the safest scenario would be for me to go with her in the water.  So, after we both changed and headed into the water, we started playing with the various floating pool toys that my dad had in the pool. Eliana was having a good time in the shallow area becasue she could easily walk around and grab the floating toys. One toy she was chasing after had then floated past the edge of the shallow area. I was at the edge of the pool, just stepping in, and I had my back to her. At one instant, I heard her laughing at the ball, and then I heard a muttered splash; I don’t remember it being too loud. I then turned around to look for Eliana, and I didn’t see her. I didn’t panic because I knew she had been underwater for less than 10 seconds, and was quickly able to pull her out of the deeper part of the water.

As we went back to the shallow part of the pool, Eliana was a little scared. She stayed scared for the rest of the time in the pool. She stayed in the shallow part the whole time, and even then, only in the part where she could sit. She would only come out to the deeper water by grabbing me with a child-death-grip. I knew she had learned a lesson. I tried to gently reinforce it by showing her the places to stop walking, and to grab the edge of the pool as they showed her in swimming class.

Eliana loves to play in the water. I love watching her play and having fun. I would hate for all that joy to disappear in a terrible accident. I’m glad I was there to protect her. I know that she was just as glad, as she had a certain look on her face…

Even though Eliana has had swimming lessons, she is still not mature enough to swim alone. And on top of that, even though she may know what to do to be pool safe, she cannot recall those skills when she needs them. It is up to us parents to help remind her and teach her to be safe.




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