5 07 2007

Annabelle has always been a difficult baby when it comes to changing her diaper.  She wiggles and flips and generally makes it as hard as possible to change her diaper without holding her down.  And, I think she enjoys it that way as she usually smiles and laughs when she is wiggling around. In that, it still makes us laugh even though she is being difficult because we know she is playing with us.

This morning was a little different. I was done getting dress and putting on my socks when Annabelle came over to me with a diaper in hand. She walked over to me, holding the diaper up, and then said “dy-pah”. I knew her diaper was full, so it was easy to figure out that she wanted to be changed. She then lifted her other arm as I picked her up and put her on my bed. This time, there was no squirming, and no wiggling. She wanted it changed, and laid still. So, even though she brought me the diaper, she didn’t bring wipes, so I let her walk her naked bottom to her bedroom changing pad where the wipes were. As I instructed her to get into the pad, she obliged and followed my instructions. After a quick clean, the diaper was on.

I hope Annabelle starts to do some of the things Eliana did at her age. When Eliana was in diapers, and it was full, she would tell us “diaper”, and we told her to go to the changing pad, she would go and lay down (it was on the floor). It was always funny to watch, but still expressed her desire to not have a dirty diaper. I think when it gets to this point, potty training isn’t that far off because the kids start to realize just how bad it is to have those heavy, stinky diapers.

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