Getting Older

10 07 2007

This past weekend, I traveled down to Tucson to meet a friend for his 30th birthday. All my other friends are 30, or turning 30 soon. My turn will be coming sooner than later as it’s only a few months away. I remember being 21, and all the adult benefits that came with it, but since then, I seem to have been forgetting how old I am mainly because I never felt any older after that. But reaching 30, while perhaps a minor event in some people’s lives, is still a milestone nevertheless.

Most of my friends who are turning 30 now, and most are single with no kids. They don’t know the joys of parenthood, but I still feel like I’ve missed out on some of the events of being a single 20-something.  Of course, I wasn’t always interested in that because I was large, and not very outgoing. I think as I am getting older, I’ve been trying harder to be more outgoing and social, but still with limited success. Most of that is still my lack of experience, and some I attribute to being a responsible parent.

I feel like my life will be going through a rebalancing sometime in the future, probably since the kids will be getting older and won’t need my constant attention.  But, in the mean time, I will keep trying to be the young person I am while still being a responsible parent. I owe my kids that much…

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