12 07 2007

It used to be, I would frown upon those who would sacrifice their family’s time for their work. I saw them as people who either were too caught up in their own world to really care about their family, or just plain messed up in the head. I mean, who would want to put in 12, 16 or 20 hour days for an ungrateful company?

Alas, I have landed in that trap, but only as far as I am willing to let it trap me. I have been putting in extra time and effort into my work because there is a certain amount of it which I do enjoy. The things I learn about new ways of doing the things I need to do never ceases to amaze me. Given the lack of employer loyalty, I cannot honestly say that I am putting in so much time out of the goodness of my heart. More to the point, I am investing in myself and my skills. I still take time to exercise and get out with my family when they need me. However, I can also help them by keeping current on the goings on in the technology industry. Once you slip, it’s more difficult to catch back up.

But still, working so much lately has left me little time to do the little things that I enjoy. Things like taking pictures of my kids, or just riding my bike (even in the hot desert sun). Time doesn’t just appear (I don’t think that has been formally proven yet). In some sense it also comes down to your own personal time management skills. I have yet to master these, but I think I’m improving.

So, in getting older, I have learned that while many people’s original reasons for working hard and taking their time away from their family’s may have been noble in the beginning, one can easily let it get the better of him. I see the hard working family man from a different angle than I used to, especially now that I am one.




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