Big Girl

15 07 2007

Sometimes, I have to stop and tell myself that Eliana is still only three and half years old. She is growing so fast, it’s almost notable on a day to day basis. Eliana speaks in full sentences, is clear and concise in what she wants and needs, and is very understanding of our requests.  That last one is the one that gets us the most. We’ve seen and heard about other people with kids, who try to give the kids a good reason why they do something. A parent will say, can you save that for later because we want to make sure to save some for grandma. The usually replies, “NO”.  Eliana, on the other hand, she’ll say OK in a nice calm voice.

Eliana is also a great big sister. Even though Annabelle and her have some arguments now and then, it is obvious to us that they adore each other. Annabelle is the typical little sister who seems to look up to her big sister. Eliana will help us help Annabelle with things like giving her some food and sharing, or holding her hand to cross the street. Sometimes, I think Eliana just likes to hold her sister’s hand. Maybe because she needs a friend, I’m not sure. Now that Annabelle is ok with Eliana holding her hand (after some parental intervention by me), we always get the “awe, cute” looks from people at the mall, or where ever we happen to be passing through.

Eliana and I have much in common, as we are both the oldest of our siblings. However, that is where I hope the commonalities stop. I hope Eliana has more of a social circle than I did growing up. Since she has stopped going to school, she hasn’t had anyone whom she can count on to play with. It’s tough for her because we still keep in touch with some of her classmate’s parents, but, she being like me, takes a while to warm up to someone after not being around them for a while.

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