Dance Recital

17 07 2007

Over the past few weeks, as we have taken Eliana out of daycare (or as she knows it, school), her mom has registered her for several activities around town. Now it’s been tough on her because driving in the summer heat wears her out even faster than normal, but it has been a good experience for Eliana. One of Eliana’s classes was ballet.

This past Monday was Eliana’s first dance recital. Seeing as I had only seen Eliana in her ballerina outfit once, I know I should have gone to the recital. I truly wanted to attend, however, my work hat was on, and I decided that it was not at a convenient time for me to attend. While at work, I received a call from my wife regarding the wonderful performance and awesome job that Eliana did. (I will have a like to some pictures here). In my saddened state, I decided that I would no longer miss my children’s recitals. Now, I’ve been to many things before, most notably, Eliana’s “graduation” from one class to another while at school. It was a fun day, and I took a lot of pictures. So, I can’t say that I have been bad all the time. But, I can more easily understand how some people can let work takeover their better judgment and let it interfere with things that are as important, if not more so than work.

Every day, something new happens in your child’s life. Missing them is missing a once in a lifetime event. I will try my best not to miss them anymore.

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