Girl FIght

23 07 2007

It’s been very difficult for my wife lately. Not only has she gotten a huge job for some clients, she also has the responsibility of watching both kids all day. Even without having a job to do on the side, watching the kids for a whole day with no help or break is a difficult task. I know there are days when I get tired of being in “kid world”, but it has to be done.

Today was a very interesting end to another day of fighting for Eliana and her mom. As bedtime has usually become a long drawn out ordeal around here, I’ve been doing my best to cut things short (since when did I become the enforcer?). As I escorted her mom out of Eliana’s bedroom, Eliana started to cry. I ask her what she wanted: a hug from her mom. But then, I reminded Eliana about spending the entire day with her, and the day of fighting they both had. Still Eliana insisted on giving her mom a hug. I still think she was trying to extend her bed time, but I firmly told her that she could go out of bed and give her mom a hug, and say she was sorry for fighting with her all day. What came next was a little sad to me.

Eliana rushed down stairs, and ran over to her mom. I stayed at the top of the stairs, out of sight, but they knew I was there. From afar, I could hear her mom apologize for the bad day of fighting. Eliana was apologizing too. At that, I was sad. Here I was working all day, not able to spend time with my kids very often. They fight the whole day, and still hug afterwards. It must be a girl thing. So, while I did feel a little left out, I knew it was their moment. But, it still reminds me that this is the time in their lives that I should not miss so much. As much as I still need to invest in my young career to provide for my family, time with them can never be replaced. Even the girl fights can be considered quality time because you make up afterwards.




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