Take your Child to Work

9 08 2007

This week, I vowed to start riding my bike to work again. Summer is coming to a close which means more reasonable temperatures here in the Phoenix area. But, in order to do this I had to do a bit of preparation and cleanup at the office. I needed to bring in clean towels, and drinks for the day, so I decided to make a weekend trip to the office. As I decided to go, Eliana seemed eager to want to hang out with her dad, so I brought her along.

I’ve brought Eliana to the office (site) before, but now it was just her and me, and she is old enough to tell me what she sees and thinks about things. As we walked up to the main entrance, I was looking at it in a different light, Thinking about how she was probably seeing it, it must have been huge. As we walked through the aisles of cubes to get to my desk, she must have thought it was a fun maze of some sort. She is not quite three feet tall yet, but still well below the 5.5 feet height of the cube walls. Then we went to the onsite fitness center, and I’m sure she must have thought the trip there was long and far, when it took no more than a minute to get there.

Then, we arrived at my desk; my small and lame home away from home. She immediately recognized her picture on my desk. But as she was excited just to be in a new place with her dad, I was starting to think about the time I spend in this environment. It is rather bland, and lifeless to some extent, but I have to wonder sometimes why I spend so much time here. I began to think about what she would tell her friends in the future about where her dad works. I know kids compare these things. But to sit in a chair all day, writing code is not very exciting for a kid.

In all, I think Eliana’s visit to the office was a positive one, but it has me thinking about how I want her to think about what I do to bring home the bacon. While I can’t control what she thinks about me and my work, I can control what I think about it so that I can tell her with pride what I do. Perhaps that is what I realized this week.




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