One Quiet Night

25 08 2007

Last night was a rare night for me. It was quiet. I arrived home, and the house was clean and empty. It had a cold feeling to it, even though the air conditioning wasn’t on. I knew no one was going to be home as this particular Friday night, Eliana was starting another class, Korean class. Since the class was 3 hours long (an eternity in kid hours), her mom planned to go to the gym after dropping her off. I thought having some quiet time would be nice to get some things done. But, the whole time I was thinking about the kids.

Where are they?
They usually come in my office and bug me about something…
I hope they’re doing ok.
It feels weird without them around.
Ok, you needed the time to get stuff done, now do it!

I managed to do a few things here and there, but I ended up heading upstairs for the last hour and rocking out with Guitar Hero. I think a big part of the loneliness was that I was just having a tough week at work. Guitar Hero always seems to get me relaxed, even though I’m working on the last few songs in expert mode.

I guess my moral of this post is to be careful what you ask for, you just might get it and not know what to do with it. I certainly thought I knew what I would do with a little extra “me” time, but I think I am just too accustomed to having the girls come and bug me every 5 minutes when I’m working.




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