So Close

2 09 2007

Can you name two of the most important milestones a parent of a baby/toddler looks forward to?

  1. Learning to walk
  2. Getting out of Diapers

There are plenty more with first words, first smile, etc. But my family is far beyond those milestones at this moment. But, Annabelle, the youngest of the group is still walking around in diapers. There is nothing wrong with that, as many kids don’t graduate to underpants until they are 2 or 3 years old. I’ve heard of some kids as old as 4 still be in diapers.

Annabelle is well within the diaper age, however, recently, she has been shows us that she is ok and willing to learn the next steps. Today, I thought was going to be the miracle of miracles: she would just say “Pee-pee” and just head to the toilet. She was walking around like she had to go. Her diaper was not even wet. So, noticing this little messages, I asked her if she had to go. She said “Yeah”. But she says to almost every question you ask. After taking her to the bathroom, her older sister following her for encouragement, I took off her diaper and sat her on the toilet. There she sat for more than a minute. It felt like an eternity. And, as usual, it could not have been any less motivating to have 2 people watching you go. She didn’t go. However, when I pulled her off the toilet, she looked back at the bowl as if she had gone. Her sister does this sometimes. I’m not sure what the fascination is about, but I hope it passes. Then, it was back to the diaper.

So, at 18 months, Annabelle is doing great as a baby/toddler. But, we really would like to end this diaper thing once and for all.




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