Bike Friendly?

18 09 2007

Today was the first day of our vacation. It started out well, even though we did put off the packing to the last minute. Getting out of Phoenix was more work than it should have been, but we managed to make it to our first stop, Flagstaff, AZ, by 5pm. Our hotel was right off the freeway, and we were checked in fairly quickly. The first thing I decided we should do in the col mountain air was to go out for a short ride to dinner. I unloaded and assembled the bike trailer as expediently as I could. Things were chaotic in the back of the van as all our luggage was piled everywhere. I was very eager to get out for a ride after a few hours behind the wheel. I think the kids were just as anxious to have a good time.

 I noticed right away that the main street we were closest to wasn’t at all bike friendly. I found a bike lane close to the hotel, but it was pretty small. Once we got going, we also noticed that Flagstaff drivers weren’t all that friendly towards bikes either. It was like we were trespassing on thier roadway. I had heard good things about cycling in Flagstaff and I was extremely excited to give it a try, but my first go around at cycling in Flagstaff, at least near the NAU campus, wasn’t very good.

At least I know the cycling will get better in Colorado.




2 responses

18 09 2007

be careful.

23 10 2007
Retro Bicycles

Give me an old cool bicycle, and I’ll ride around the city for days.

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