Road Trip

18 09 2007

It came fast and furious. We made plans for this way back in July. The day is finally here. Me, my wife, and the girls are going on a road trip.  Am I nervous? Not really. I am more anxious to get out of Arizona for a while. I am also concerned about the length of car time the girls are going to be endouring. In total, it’s a 12 hour drive from Phoenix to Denver. So, trying to break things down into a managable chunk, we plan on taking breaks in Flagstaff, AZ and Durango, CO. We’re going to have a little pitstop in Durango and take a history ride on the Durango-Silverton Express. Since Eliana is familiar with Thomas the Train, she is very exicted to see and ride on a real train.  I’m curious to see how close to the edge of the mountain this train goes.

This trip will be a trip back in time, of sorts. Before we had kids, and certainly before my wife and I were married, we both lived in Colorado for a while. Life in Boulder was so much more pleasant than the car-focused lifestyle we currently loathe. The constantly changing weather, the change of seasons, the outdoor activities, the variety of cultures in Denver provides for a vastly different quality of life. We miss those days.  I have vivid memories of walking out in the middle of Boulder at night in the falling snow with my wife. Those were great days for us, and we are taking a trip down memory lane to visit old friends, and perhaps to even make new ones. Either way, this will be a great experience for the kids and a great ride for me and my wife.

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