Trick or Treat

31 10 2007

Tonite, Alice, the Good Fairy and I ventured out to the neighborhood in search of free candy. We found many friendly houses and neighbors handing out candy. Going out alone with Eliana and Annabelle, my two princesses, I looked back fondly on my own childhood memories of halloween. I’m happy to be a major part in my daughter’s childhood.

As my daughters grow, I see more of my own traits within each of them. On this halloween night, Eliana has shown that she is as shy as I was (and still am). As we ventured into the night and approached the first house, I was holding Eliana’s hand, and she was clinching mine. She seemed pretty nervous. As we walked up to the door, I tried to gently push her toward the people handing out the candy. She stood straight and froze in place. I grabbed her hand, and walked with her closer until she could get her candy. She was so shy, she didn’t utter a word. I knew how she felt, as this was the same thing I did as a child. Annabelle on the other hand, walked right up, and grabbed her candy without reserve.

Over the next few houses, Eliana began to utter a few words. She would say “bye”, “thank you”, and eventually “Trick or treat”, but only very softly. About half way through, she began being more outgoing. She would run up to a house that I said was ok to ask for candy. She would talk back to the people when they asked her what her costume was. She was still shy, but eventually started to feel comfortable visiting total strangers’ homes for candy.

As a parent who goes through the same personality struggles on a daily basis as my child, I want to be able to encourage them to be more outgoing and try to reach out of their comfort zones as a younger child. I don’t want her to be stuck with this dilemma like me. However, I also realize that it is in her nature as it is in mine. Perhaps the best thing I can do to help, is the same thing I did today: be with her until she is comfortable to spread her wings on her own.

Costume Time

28 10 2007

It’s the time of year again…Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. And then for us, the chaos continues through March with each birthday. So, for this year, Eliana decided that she wanted to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland this year. We thought it was a good choice. Her grandmother has been most generous in making her and her sister’s halloween costumes.