1 11 2007

Every night for the past several months, it’s been the same routine around here at bedtime:

  1. Eat dinner
  2. play a little
  3. get ready for bed
  4. brush teeth
  5. argue about what toothbrush to use
  6. argue about which pajamas to put on
  7. turn off the main light
  8. turn on the nightlight
  9. calm down for bed time
  10. another hour goes by
  11. kick their mom out of the room who has been trying to talk them into going to sleep or sing them songs to sleep
  12. kick around a little before sleeping

I’m amazed that they make it to bed at all sometimes. Tonite was worse than usual, in that their mom put a shower into the mix for good measure. This mean the kids didn’t even get to bed, let alone sleep, until 10pm. That is far too late. I did take them to the gym and stayed until 9, so that didn’t help. However, these girls should be half asleep by the time we get home from the gym…

How I long for the days when I could just rock them to sleep in a few minutes…