Christmas Spirit

4 12 2007

These days, to help out with the kids, I usually take them away from their mother for a few hours to give her some time to breathe. I usually have a hard time coming up with things to do to entertain the kids for several hours on end. Sometimes I end up walking the aisles of our local Target (oh, the horror). Other times, we end up at the mall in the play area. (I’m a little unsure which is worse). However, tonight, I decided to take them on a driving tour of the neighborhood Christmas light display in Ahwatukee.

It was a long drive from our house in Gilbert, relatively speaking. Once we arrived, I decided to just wander the streets. I am pretty familiar with the layout as this is an area I’ve visited before with various cycling clubs. I roamed around the foothills, and noticed a huge display on South Mountain behind some houses. With that, I knew this was a great place to bring the kids. While I’m not going to describe each house, because we saw many, there were a few that resembled the Griswold House from Christmas Vacation. But, the one we saw actually had them beat becuase it was lit up just as bright, but had more lawn ornaments, and many more animated lighting fixtures. I highly recommend taking a drive around nearly any neighborhood in this area and take in the holiday lighting. It would be nice if this area was like Tucson and would close off the streets and have tours.