My Girls are Left-Brained

10 12 2007

As with many milestones, determining with which hand your child uses to write her name is an important one. This milestone will most likely determine how your child will think for the rest of her life. It may determine how you get along and how much you will see eye to eye. Or, it could mean nothing because we simply haven’t truely un-earthed the significance of the meaning of right vs left-handedness.

Eliana has been right handed for quite a while now; I’ve know this since she was holding her first crayons. Annabelle, on the other hand, did show some tendencies toward being left-handed. I was actually kind of hoping she would be left-handed. It wouldn’t be unheard of since my father and brother are both left-handed. However, tonight, I was helping Annabelle color a paper, and she immediately put the crayon in her right hand. I had put the crayon in her left. While I can’t be 100% certain about her tendency, but I think this one is a safe call..

Annabelle is right handed.

Welcome to 90% of the population ([1]). You are assured that you will will always find a baseball glove in stock. You don’t have to buy a special guitar when you learn to play. The world is right-handed, and Annabelle, you are part of the club. Your membership to the Right-handed society is in the mail!




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