Christmas Memories

16 12 2007

In the family mini-van, I’ve set the radio station to 99.9 FM. We never listen to the radio, so from the website, I’m guessing it’s the local Easy Listening Station. But, for the month of December, it is the holiday music station. That is, it’s Christmas music 24×7.

The Holiday music station has recently been playing many songs that I (and my family) listened to growing up. As it were, these songs triggered many happy memories of the past, my childhood, and of growing up in a more innocent time when all I truly had to worry about was what I was going to see under the tree for me on Christmas morning.

Now that I am seeing and hearing the world from the other side, or rather the adult’s point of view, there are many things that I worry about or just think about more often. Taking the kids for a ride in the mini-van gives me only a few minutes of exposure to that time long ago. Since I keep up with news and other current events, I am constantly fearful of the kind of world in which my children will eventually live. The part that does scare me the most is the state of the nation and how corrupt it has become over the past century. But, when I think about the kids, they don’t worry about that, they don’t know about any of these things.

Knowing what I know now, things were not any less calm back then than they are now. The Cold War was coming to an end, however there was still a lot of economic turmoil. My parents were also at the time, not the most wealthy people, an struggled just to get by much of the time. But they shielded us from all the craziness and worries that adults deal with. For this, I am grateful. For this is what I will try to do with my children so they can remember the spirit of Christmas more than the toys they receive.




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