Older, but not smarter?

24 12 2007

Remember the days when you knew everything? I think i was about 10 or 12 years old when I knew everything. I was a smart, upcoming young student moving from middle school to high school. Well, everything related to what my parents knew about me I guess. Well, time has passed, and I came to the realization that, in fact, I don’t know everything. Which, I guess never was the case to begin with.

Back in High School, I was studying some great things everyday: Calculus, Physics, American History, Literature. In college, my studies lead me to everything related to my degree in Computer Engineering. I loved learning and using some really crazy math. Learning circuits was tough, but neat. Expanding my mind (without drugs) on a daily basis was an experience that I didn’t know I was having at the time. I was too busy trying to get good grades to get out of school and get hired by a tech company.

But, since school, I’ve been out in the work force, and have been focusing my mind and efforts into focused areas. While I have had the opportunity to learn a few interesting things while at work, I have often missed the broad spectrum of academic learning. I have tried to fill that void with podcasts and other self learning techniques, but I seem to have difficulty staying focused.

Things are different now. I have responsibilities: a house, a family, a job. I can’t take these things lightly, and I don’t. But, there still has to be a way to achieve a balance of what I want to do and achieve and maintain or even enhance my responsibilities. This is a work in progress, so I’l have to get back to you on this as I make more progress and get back to being smart again…




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25 12 2007

I highly recommend going back to school. Even if you just do it part time. In the long run, you’ll likely not regret it. It will probably give you more creative opportunities in your work and pay you more, if for no other reasons.

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