Family Journalist

10 02 2008

Growing up, I never had an interest in photography or videography as I do now.  I’m not sure why I’ve developed this urge, but I know that having kids sure has helped it to grow. So, as I want to develop and grow these skills in order to improve them, I was trying to think what category of real like profession this would fall into. The natural place but this work is “cameraman”. But, a cameraman, or camera operator, isn’t running the show as far as the “creative process” goes. I was thinking director, but then again, I’m not really telling my family to do anything really. It’s more like I’ve the family documenterian. I’m trying to preserve our family’s history through images and film. I think this is best done through journalism. As such, I have dubbed myself the Family Journalist. With that title, I think it will help me take my photo and video blog posts in the right direction.




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