The New Neighbors

10 06 2008

This past Sunday, we were going through our normal hurry up routine to get to the gym. We were almost in the car when we noticed that there was someone doing some yard work in the house next to ours. Naturally, we thought someone was there from the bank to try to clean some of the mess up. After talking with the guy for a few minutes, we learned that we will finally have some new neighbors in the next couple of weeks.

About a month ago, our house we put up for auction as a foreclosure. One of the many houses that have been foreclosed and sold in this crummy real estate market. It turns out that the person who bought it (for 60% of the price we paid) is going to be moving in. 

It’ll be nice to have someone actually living in the house next door. One by one, I think the market is going to come back eventually with people like that being able to buy up the empty house of their dreams, or the opportune house of the moment and live in them cheaply.




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