Little Stinker

23 06 2008

Annabelle is your typical 2 year old. She’s energetic, active, happy and all in all having a good time. It’s interesting to try to figure out what her personality will be like in the coming years based on what we see now. I would like to think she is going to be the popular girl in her class; her beauty is fairly obvious, when she’s not injuring herself. She is also fairly outgoing, more so than her older sister.

Annabelle is quite a mischievous little girl. Add that with the energy of a two year old, and you have a dangerous mix. Everyday, Annabelle wakes up at or near the crack of dawn. Here in Arizona, that’s about 5:30. Since she sleeps in the room down the hall from us, I can hear the door open, then close as the pitter patter of little footsteps grows louder and louder as she approaches our room. At first, she would yell, and jump and crawl on our bed. She always heads for her mom first, who is sleeping, of course. Sometimes, when she can’t get a reaction from her mom, she’ll come over to my side and see what she can get out of me. However, lately, she now seems to know that we’re not going to do a whole lot to entertain her at that point in the morning, so she will do one of two things: Go down stairs, or stand next the bed and wait.

When the little stinker would go downstairs, I thought she would just start playing with some of her toys. Especially those which she usually doesn’t play with when her sister is awake. But lately, this little stinker has started to be more mischievous by getting into the pantry. She also learned how to move one of the dinning table chairs to the counter, and climb up there to get a snack, or whatever is available.

When she stays up stairs, depending on how tired she is (I think she wakes up even when she’s a little tired), she’ll stand there and stare. Or when she’s being nice she’ll just crawl into bed with her mom.

There is no rest for the weary in this household. We have to be on top of what the kids are doing the whole time they’re awake. Maybe one day, we’ll get a brake, but I’m not going to be holding my breathe for that to happen.




One response

24 06 2008

bring the kids over to the grandma and grandpa’s house. Then you could get a break. Trust me, it will work.

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