The Daily Grind

24 06 2008

Since I started working at GoDaddy a few weeks ago, my daily routine has changed a little bit. Before, it was such a pain to stop by the gym because we would always go after I got home from work. I never felt motivated to go just because it I was inconvenient. I had to drive home, eat dinner, get my stuff ready, and get to the gym. Once there I had to take the girls to the child-care center and check them in. This whole process has several variables, most of which I didn’t want to deal with after work.

As a mental picture, making three points out of work, home, and gym, they formed an L, with home being the point. Enter the new daily office location. The new shape of my commute more closely resembles a line (albeit jagged due to the streets), with the gym being in the center. This had made going to the gym a whole lot easier as it’s just on the way home. But, this leads to a couple other dilemmas: dinner time with the family is nearly non-existant at this point, and I don’t usually get home until at least 8pm.

Getting home late is not really that big of a deal, but it does feel like I’m never home anymore. It feels more and more like my time with the kids on a daily basis has shrunk from the 3-4 hours after work to 1-2 hours. Sure, the kids make it to the gym too, and they all eat and get other things taken care of before I get there, but that just means less of the classic “quality time”.

I’m not trying to complain about this new schedule. On the contrary, it’s actually a pretty good deal on my end. I do worry about my wife, and the load she has to carry every day. I also worry about some of the time I miss with the kids. At least right now, I can do no wrong to them, so I guess I’m ok for now.




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