I Need to Take More Pictures

28 06 2008

I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I’ve taken any pictures…of anything! No pictures of the girls, none of me, random stuff…nothing. I only realized this when I opened my photo library and noticed that the month of June was not even there. As in, there were no entries, so it didn’t show up.

As I’ve grown to appreciate the art of photography over the last few years, I’ve tried my best to learn the techniques and try to take better pictures. One some occasions, I’ve succeeded: I’ve got several great pictures of the girls. On another level, I can’t just stop there either. I need to keep practicing, keep improving. I often find it difficult to find good subjects to take pictures of, or find inspiration from. I’m sure my excuse doesn’t fly just because I find no beauty in the desert or the searing summer heat.

Having taken a workshop last year, I realized that it isn’t my surroundings that make for great photography, it’s how I see and interpret them. I just haven’t made effort to see the beauty here. But, on the other hand, I have been here for quite a long time, and at some point, its like staring a a pot of water: it just won’t boil.




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