So Much To Do, So Little Time

2 07 2008

Every so often, my big life To Do List makes an appearance on this blog. It’s always a good idea to revisit your life lists to make sure that you are gaining any ground, or to see what is really important to you. Things that were important to get done one or two years ago may not seem so high in priority now.

Looking at my 4 year old list from 2004, I notice that some things on here had no chance of being done. Traveling to other countries wasn’t going to happen due to the demands of having a family.

Learning is the core of my being, and it shows in my old list. However, I think I never learned how to learn without instruction. Thus, I never followed through. I still would like to learn the chinese language. I still want to learn the philosophy and beauty of kung fu. I want to experience the joy of playing cello again. I want to feel the rush of being in a real band as a smokin bassist.

Somethings that were never on the list are now a big priority in my life. I have committed myself to being a better software engineer. I will also find time in my life to volunteer at the lower opportunity schools as one of the best impacts Intel has had on me.

Learning cello. That item is there in reference to my childhood as the nerd with a cello. Growing up, I don’t think I appreciated what I had. Now that it isn’t there in my daily life, I miss some part of it. I also want to pass that along to my kids to experience the joys and challenges of learning oneself through music.

In all, I haven’t made the progress I had hoped on my list, but then again, I’ve also done some worthwhile things that weren’t on the list. Now, it’s time to redouble my efforts somehow, and to prioritize what’s important to me, and to be able to leave with no regrets.




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