The End is Near…

2 07 2008

…Of diaper days, that is.

I took a look back at the blog archives and noticed that my first post about Annabelle’s toilet transition time started way back last September. That means that we’ve been waiting almost a year for her to figure out that toilets are easier for us to deal with than her diaper. But over the last week, she’s made some major steps forward on the road to pre-K toddler.

Last weekend, we stayed home for most of the time, so we let her run around the house without her diaper. She likes to do this, and this has had some messy consequences as well. However, this time around, we asked her a little more frequently if she had to go to the bathroom. We even took her, and placed her on the toilet, and waited with her. She started out by going once on the toilet per day. We tried to give her as much praise as possible. We wanted to make sure her learning experience was as stress free as possible.

Over the last few days, the reports are that she has gone to the toilet more and more. Today, she even made it to the next level. (You know which level that is.) We are hoping that the end of her diaper days are near, and the next level of childhood growth will soon be upon us…




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