Our Own Private Conspiracy

5 07 2008

Tonight we set in motion the initial step in a series of events that we hope will benefit the future of our first born daughter for the rest of her life. Eliana’s mother and I have growing concerns regarding her future health and well-being. We do not want her to follow the same patterns we followed as children. Personally, I want to let her be her own person, but she has to enable that herself.

As we were trying to think about ways for Eliana to get more exercise on a daily basis, I thought about one of the things that I wanted to do as a kid: play soccer in a league. Of course I was deprived of this opportunity due to the circumstances of our lives, but Eliana doesn’t have to barriers. She is able to stand on my (our) shoulders even now and benefit.

While I hope that she takes to soccer like a fish to water (or a kid to a candy store), I sincerely hope she just has fun. This little conspiracy, experiment or whatever you want to call it, has it’s roots in encouraging exercise for Eliana, but I still hope that she develops a love for the game of soccer, and learns to have fun while exercising.

This also gives me an opportunity to watch her perform at something that neither her mom nor I will teach her. However, I won’t be far away, because she will need me at the most unpredictable times. I will be there for every game, and as many practices as possible. I want to be there when she scores a goal. I want to be there when she passes the ball to her teammate. I want to be there for all the other fun times she will have, because as she will be having fun, I will be having fun watching her.




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