The Olympic Spirit

14 08 2008

The Olympic Games is a masterful event I look forward to every four years. I have only ever participated in a handful of sports (I’ll never try to learn gymnastics), but I enjoy the spirit of the competition. More compelling though, is the Olympic Spirit, the feeling that transcends the athletes, games and politics that makes each and every Olympic games truly special.

The gathering of the world under one common goal: to compete against each other, and to promote the human spirit. Of course, this isn’t the goal that shows up in much of the media. With the Chinese defending themselves against allegations of faking parts of the opening ceremonies, and a few athletes testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, my grand vision of what the Olympics tries to achieve and actually does achieve are slightly different. I know this, yet, I still hurry home every day to catch what I missed in the previous day’s events. I find myself wandering the Olympics web site for news.

Why do I still look forward to the games? Perhaps it’s the competition. Perhaps is the inspiration of having a world of peoples gather in one place to confer with each other. It’s kind of like having a family reunion, and everyone is there, in principle, to have a good time. The games are really there to promote a bond between family members. The Olympics should help the world form bonds with peoples they would otherwise have never thought of talking to. Sports crosses the boundaries of language and culture.

In short, I am still in awe of one of the greatest man-made spectacles in history, and I wish I could experience the Olympic spirit every day.




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