Soccer Practice

27 08 2008

Recently we signed Eliana up for a local AYSO soccer league (football for you English speakers). Yesterday was her first practice. It’s fun to see a bunch of four and five year olds out there having a good time with a fun loving coach. While we can always dream big for Eliana, the goal (pun intended) of her soccer is really for fun and exercise. I also want her to play an organized sport that I wasn’t able to as a kid for various reasons. I guess I can relive some of my childhood through her. But, her Mom and I, after watching the Beijing Olympics for the past two weeks, need to be careful not to push her, but still be encouraging. Maybe one day she’ll have one name like one of the Brazilian women soccer players!

Make sure to check out all the photos from the first day of practice!




One response

27 08 2008

Hi! Great photos…so perfectly crisp! I just signed my 6 year old son on a rec league. This will be his third season. We love watching the little ones. It’s amazing how good some of them are and aggressive! You do have to be careful not to push otherwise it won’t be fun for them anymore…some parents get a little too serious and it’s obvious on the field which ones are are the pushers. I just started a family type blog too at Hope you visit!

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