28 09 2008

Yesterday was a busy day, but one marked with celebration. It was the third game of the season, and the nerves of the kids had settled a bit as there has been a few less tantrums about playing in the games.

But, there was cause for celebration as Eliana scored her first goal of the season. She had been pretty close in her previous games, only to be distracted at the last second.

While it is always great just to see her play, it’s nice to see her have fun and score and just stay involved. I want her to love this sport, and many others, and pushing her into it is not going to instill that in her. But, a little hug and encouragement, especially after a goal should do the trick, now and in the future.


28 09 2008

Yesterday, we made our first family trip the Chase Field to see a major league baseball game together. As part of the deal, we went with the AYSO package that let us in at a slight discount, and as an added bonus, let is walk on the warning track prior to the start of the game. It was pretty neat to be down on the field, and I was able to get a few good pictures.

Movin’ On Up

28 09 2008

It’s been about two and a half or 3 years since I purchased my first DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera. Over that time I’ve documented much of my families activities as well as grown my own personal picture taking abilities. My introduction to the hobbyist world of photography was with the ubiquitous Canon Digital Rebel XT (350d). This camera was so popular, that everywhere I would go that required picture taking, I would see at least 2 or 3 other people with the exact same camera. Even yesterday at the Diamondbacks baseball game, I saw someone with one. It’s a great camera, and it was easy to understand why it was so popular. Alas, it was time to put the past behind me, and step up to a new camera.

Since my experience with the Rebel XT was so positive, I decided to stick to the same line, and simply upgrade to the Canon Rebel XSi. My favorite improvements are the larger screen (3.0″  vs. 1.8″) and the better kit lens that comes with it. I’ve only had it for a day now, and the only grip I have is that the image size is even larger than the 8 megapixel images I had with my old XT. And, now, I’ve got to find a faster SDHC card since the ones I have are a tad on the slow side. So far, the images have been great.

Keep shooting!

Fun and Tears

13 09 2008

Today was the first soccer game of the season. It was a pleasant 90 degrees at game time here in the desert. Over the next few weeks, this should decrease to even more pleasant temperatures.

Anticipation, excitement and nerves filled the air. The fields were packed with on-going soccer matches as far as the eye could see. As we hauled our supplies to the fields, we found the coach and the rest of the team. Eventually, we found out we were on the wrong field, so off we went to find the correct one.

Once the games started, it was fun and tears. Some players were pretty excited. Others wanted the ball more often. Some just had performance anxiety.  I felt a little upset that Eliana didn’t want to play, but then I reminded myself why we wanted her to join the team in the first place: to play and have fun.  And, that’s all I told her all day. Have fun, kick the ball and score a goal. We’ll have a great snack and lunch after you score.

I’m sure the layers of protection didn’t help as it was rather hot under all that padding on their legs. When we finally arrived at the car, she basically took all the soccer gear off until all she was left with was her shorts and shirt. 

As I was walking with Eliana back to the car after the game, she said:

Do you remember when you played soccer when you were a kid?

I had to give her an honest answer:

Dad didn’t have chance to play when he was a kid.

I’m glad she has this opportunity to play, exercise, be social and have fun.

Make sure to check out today’s fun pictures!