5 11 2008

What a night. In my short time on this earth, I have been witness to a few events in history, but all of them had little to no effect on me or my family. Tienanmen square, the fall of the berlin wall, even the attacks of September 11 while close to home, had little direct impact on my life (yes, I’m not counting the police state that followed shortly after). But today, the dawn of a new day, a new moment in history, the first African American President. The different between those other historic events, and this one is those others were clouded in fear, terror and suppression. Last night’s history represented change, hope and promise.

As an avid Internet user, I was watching the chatter floating along the tubes, and all of it was so positive, as if the Internet breathed a collective sigh of relief. Relief that the stupidity of the previous two elections had managed to not repeat itself. Relief that hope has prevailed over fear.  Relief that democracy still alive in the heart of America.  While the country can’t ignore it’s recent past, it now has the leadership and capability to deal with those issues intelligently and move on.

As I watched Barack Obama’s acceptance speech last night, I couldn’t help but grab my two daughters close. I knew it was a joyous moment. I wanted to have them there to listen to what was being said, because at some point in the future, those words would have a positive effect on their lives. They would look back in time and ask, “Daddy, did we listen when we when the United States elected Barack Obama”. I wanted to give them the honest ability to answer yes to that question, and be proud.

While Obama will not be the magic bullet to all problems, I do feel that he is the right man for the job. A man who actually does represent me, personally, in the executive branch of the government. He does represent hope, and that is what this country needs after eight years of agonizing fear and terror.




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