Has it been that long?

17 11 2008

When this phrase usually pops to my mind, I’m usually referring to my girls. With my oldest at nearly five, and the in depth conversations I have with her on a daily basis, I can hardly believe the time has passed so quickly. No, this time, I’m going to really refer directly to myself.

This weekend, with our short trip to Tucson, will mark the 8th wedding anniversary of my wife and I. Has it been 8 years, already? Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday, but most times lately, it feels like a lifetime ago. Back then, things were different…

My wife and I met in Tucson, Arizona on July 6, 1999. I was an intern at IBM, and she was assigned to be the Korean translator on the product. Times were different as this was before September 11, foreign travel like this was common among translators. I remember she was wearing a black suit. I think back then, she wore mostly black anyways. (She’ll have to correct me in the comments.) It was a quick three weeks or so, but we managed to keep in touch because she went to school in Boulder, Colorado. Eventually, I finished my schooling, and a year later, I moved up to Boulder to start my new fresh out of college job at IBM. That was the summer of 2000.

Over the next few months, we stayed in close contact, and, well, we somehow ended up at the Boulder County Clerk’s office. There, we officially became a married couple in Colorado. That day was November 22, 2000. It was an odd feeling, as I remember asking her “Do you feel like we’re married?”. It turns out, she was thinking the same thing.

Over the next few years, we’ve had our ups and downs, as does any normal couple. We moved into the same apartment in Boulder. Eventually had to live apart for six months while I worked at a new job in Tucson. We bought a house. We had a baby girl, and learned how to be parents together. We then had another girl, and started it all over again. We moved to Phoenix, into another house. It’s been a long journey, and it’s been 8 short years. We’ve been through things for better or worse, thick and thin. Where this wild ride will end is anyone’s guess, but after all the crazy things we’ve shared together, I’m pretty sure we’ll be tackling life’s challenges together for many years to come.

Happy Anniversary, W.




3 responses

18 11 2008

Cannot believe you remember the date we first met in Tucson. Is it correct date though?

20 11 2008

Congrats, Saul and W!

20 11 2008

Congrats, Saul and W!

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