Two Tough Ladies

1 07 2009

Eliana and Annabelle have been in taekwondo class for nearly two months now. Yesterday was the first of hopefully many important days for our girls. They both received their yellow belts for Taekwondo. Their part of the promotion ceremony was small, and entertaining. It’s just so much fun to watch a 3-year-old do taekwondo kicks, punches and yells.

I look back on my own childhood, and see the missed opportunities based on my family’s circumstances. It’s great that my girls can have fun learning something that will help them in their lives both physically and mentally. I know their mom has a special place in her heart for taekwondo since it is the korean martial art.

I’m happy that I was able to make it to see them break the board as part of their promotion. I have been quite busy lately, trying to gain ground in other areas of my life, but I will always find the means and time to attend important events like this in the lives of my girls. Their mom tells me that the fact that I show up makes them want to do things better. They pay attention more, they shout louder (a good thing in taekwondo), and, in Annabelle’s case, she listens for a little longer to the instructor before getting distracted. I’m humbled that they think the world of me, and I hope one day they read this blog to know that the reverse is also true.




One response

8 07 2009

I’ll be sure to mind my manners next time I am in Arizona so these taekwando masters don’t have to put me in my place.

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