16 11 2009

Every morning, like most families with school-aged kids, we rush like crazy to get everyone ready for the day. Eating breakfast, cleaning up, getting dressed, preparing lunch, gathering school stuff, and finally getting loaded in the car is quite a workload in the morning for most kids. Eliana is usually pretty good about getting up, and getting things taken care of. I’m always amazed at her maturity at her young age.

This morning, we were not nearly in as much of a hurry as normal. After a couple of years of trial and error, you’d think we had this routine down by now. Regardless, the time of the morning came to do her hair. I usually step out of the room for this because, well, it’s girlie time, and I try to let the girls do their thing. Much to my surprise, she emerged from the stairs with two cute ponytails. She asked me how she looked. I said “good” (like any normal guy, even a Dad, would). She said, “No, I look pretty”. I know it was time to get a picture of the cuteness, and here it is. Make sure to protect yourself. Her powers of cuteness are getting stronger every day…