About Casa de Mora

Casa de Mora (meaning Mora Household) is made up of Saul, Jeong and our two daughters, Eliana and Annabelle.

I consider life with kids to be my second life, not that I was a bad person and have been born-again.  But, rather, these days, I try to imagine my life without my kids, and can’t even begin to draw the picture. Obviously this picture existed once, in my previous life. As such, I wanted to have a place to write daily anecdotes, stories and the trials and tribulations of being a parent and experiencing my new life with a wife and two daughters.


My Goal for this blog is that it will eventually be turned into a book for my family and handed down as a journal of our journey through life. You can interpret this as an online time capsule for the whole world to read and review. But, at the very least, I hope that my two daughters, Eliana and Annabelle, and even their kin, can review this window to the past to learn how things were from their parent’s perspective as compared to their childhood perspective. Perhaps their entries will join my own in the future.

Another, short term goal for this blog is that it allows me to have a place to easily review and collect my thoughts. As I experience this experiment we call parenting over the next few years, it will be hard to remember every little thing that happened, or log every great story. There will be many great stories to tell in the coming years, and this will be the place where they will unfold for the world to see. I hope my daughters forgive me…

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6 12 2006

don’t know how I send a formal invite other than to leave a reply… check it out… link to it if you feel like it. Sitll trying to figure out the power stuff


27 10 2008

Jeong, I am a proud father of two daughters myself. They are both grown up now, one is 24 and the other one is 18. Life is very hard to remember before they came into my life. I am looking forward to the day when I will hear these words,”your going to be a grandpa”. The great thing about life is family, the ups and the downs, the hurt hearts, and the joyful laughters. Each day brings new adventures for them and for you, so charish each one as though it is the only one, and life will be great in your heart and there’s.
Blogging is addictive and it does take sometime, but it will help you express those feelings deep inside. Some days it helps to write it out to better understand the nature of the issue at hand and many can and will give advice. Not all advice is good but at least someone is listening.
Have a great week and kiss those kids,give big hugs of joy, for you have a lifetime together with them.

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