15 08 2008

This morning I noticed that Eliana was being especially perky. I decided at the last minute before I left her at school to take her picture. Just then, her best friend walked into the room. She was quite excited. The other day, when I dropped her off, her friend was very excited to see Eliana. I’m glad that Eliana is making friends.


This is what it’s all about

23 09 2006

Typically on my birthday, I’m a little sad. For one, I’m getting older, and some opportunities seem to slip by with the passage of time.  But, mostly, I think I get a little down because it’s a day that I want to share with people; family and friends. The last couple of years, my birthday has been especially tough because I was in a huge transition to move to the Phoenix area (from Tucson), and I was having a little difficulty keeping up with my friends.

This year, this is what it birthdays are all about. Last night, my wife and I dropped out kids off at my parents house (in Tucson), and we met several close friends and my brother for an awesome night of kicking back, chatting, and having a couple slices of the best pizza in town.  After a couple of beers (something I never do), I was ready to go. 

But, the fact that everyone came, was the best present I could get, because these were the people who have been with me through a lot of tough times growing up. It was Tom who stayed with me when our college trip to Pasadena (to watch our school get beat by UCLA) went bust. Fern has been a big supporter and helper of many things I would have never ventured into. Adrian, well, he was there for the comic relief, but it was still good to see him there. Eric and Tacia have become a great “family couple friends”.

This is what birthdays are all about, but in general, this is what life is about, sharing time, experiences and memories with people whom you can call your friends.