Spread Too Thin

28 10 2006

More and more these days, I am finding that I do not have as much free time as I once did.  I can hardly remember the days after college when a huge block of free time opened up upon graduation. I thought I would have enough time to do everything I ever wanted.  How naive I was…

Nowadays, I find myself in several roles:

  • Coworker
  • Father
  • Husband
  • Cyclist

These are roles in which I am the most active. Other roles in which I want to be more active in are:

  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Blogger
  • Musician
  • Language Learner
  • Application Developer

These are not in any particular order. Through my daily life, I find that Father, Husband and Coworker are top priority. I cannot participate in the other roles unless daily activities in those roles are complete.  Occasionally, my Coworker role allows me to improve myself (one of the benefits of being in a large corporation) and my Application Developer skills. I also try my best to include Cyclist in the mix as much as possible by blending it into my daily life by riding my bike to work.  My role as father definitely includes the roles of Photographer, Videographer and Blogger (as I have been able to blog for nearly a year now). However, while I believe I could work in Musician and Language Learner into another primary role, I am faced with a couple of problems:

  • I am a mere novice in both areas, and as such need quite a bit of initial time to invest to allow for continued self development.
  • I find that I have such a short attention span sometimes, that when things get hard in one area, I move onto something a little easier.

I have tried in the past to work on Musician and Language Learner, but as mentioned, I get to a point where things get tough, and I take a break to clear my mind, and I get sidetracked. I have not found a way to keep myself motivated in these situations, and it’s even more difficult now that my role as Father is second only to Coworker for the majority of my week. I would also like to apply more time to my role as an Application Developer for my own personal goals as well as career goals.

Perhaps, just by listing my roles, and what I want to get out of my time, I will learn to develop some way of achieving my personal goals.


Online Bike Lane map

16 04 2006

Web mashups are now donig crazy things on the web like tracking your Fedex packages along its trip on a Google map. This is cool because the mapping part is done for you, while you take car of getting the data.

I had an idea for a good mashup that could help cyclists all over the country. Have all the usable bike lanes available on google maps. Now, of course it would start off with one city, but I can see how several metropolitan areas can be stored in this mashup, and in some cases (like Boulder and Denver) how they may even connect. It could also be a community of cyclists sharing their favortive rides, as well as commuters who have a best route to a certain area. This will definately help new commuters overcome the fear of finding a safe route to work.

There are several possibilities with this mashup…I just hope I can find some time in my crazy schedule to get something running. The only thing is how am I going to get all that data without doing it myself?