Little Gym Rat

16 02 2009
Little Gym Rat

Little Gym Rat

Our youngest daughter loves to play, as any toddler. I try to participate in her life despite my work schedule. The local Little Gym had a fun toddler class, and I decided to record one of our visits together. Annabelle revels in the full attention she receives from one of us at a time, but she should know, it’s just as fun from our side to focus on one child at a time as well.

Birthday Number Three

15 02 2009
Birthday Number 3

Birthday Number 3

“Annabelle, my younger daughter, recently celebrated her 3rd birthday. We live in a multicultural house, and thus had two different types of ways to celebrate. The first is the traditional Korean seaweed soup breakfast. The second is the traditional cake and ice cream party. We didn’t have a large party for Annabelle this time because she was a little sick the day before and didn’t want to get everyone else sick. She had a fun day either way.”


11 02 2008

“Being in the middle of the desert means there have to be some places indoors for the kids. A friend invited me and the kids to play at an indoor amusement park with rides and other fun things for the kids to do. Eliana and Annabelle had a great time. I could tell because by the time we went home, they were fast asleep in the car.”

Making a Wish

27 01 2008

Eliana had collected several coins and was eager for a chance to toss them into the fountain at the mall for a wish. I hope she gets what she wished for…

How to Make Cookies

1 01 2008

Every child loves cookies, so I thought it would be a good family activity to include our daughters in on the making of some cookies. Of course, the ingredients came out of a box with everything included (just to make our lives easier) but it was still a good time had by all. Of course, the girls’ favorite part was when they got to eat the cookies. Yummie.

Our Korean Wedding

2 12 2007

Back in late 2002, we had our third wedding. It’s a long story, but it boils down to the fact that my wife is from Wonju, South Korea. As such, we had a wedding during our visit.Normally, South Koreans have very western-style (American) weddings. Since we had already had one, I suggested that we find out about an alternative to the normal wedding. I was glad her parents found a confucian church that offered these unique weddings, as it was far more memorable than a typical wedding.

Pushing the Pace

21 11 2007

I rode in El Tour de Tucson again this year. I have ridden El Tour 6 years running now. This year, I participated in the bike patrol helping people change flats, and providing some basic medical attention. Luckily, I only needed to bring my mechanical skills to the event. Since I was not riding to see what my fastest time would be, I brought along my small point-and-shoot camera for the ride and recorded what I could. I was in store for another unforgettable day.

El Tour de Tucson is my favorite cycling event of the year. The true magic of el Tour happens at the river crossings, both of which I tried to capture in this short video blog entry.