A Beautiful Family

18 06 2008

Recently, we’ve again been caretakers of two korean girls because their parents are hard working individuals that need our help. I love the extra company, and our girls love having friends over for the night. In all, it’s an interesting, but fun situation. Yesterday, however, we decided to pick everyone up at the gym pool. Letting the kids play in the pool is an easy way to let them all get tired for bedtime (a sneaky trick, I know, but they enjoy this one).

So, it was my, my wife, my two girls, and our two guests playing at the pool at dusk. Usually when we’re done, we all grab towels and make for the indoors as the indoor pool area is humid, and keeps everyone warm. Since there was a total of 6 of us this time, instead of the normal four, we all looked like one big family. As we were walking back to the locker room, I heard someone say

“Wow, what a beautiful family.”

I’m sure the comment was based on all six of us walking together, and that means that the comment was aimed at the family she thought she saw: A husband and wife, leading their four kids, two of them obviously no theirs by birth, to clean up after a fun day at the pool. Normally, I think our family is above average, but I guess with two extra girls (who aren’t ours) we’ve moved up a few notches (whatever that means).

We were moving too fast to say thanks, but it did get me thinking. I mean, I am perfectly fine with having only two kids right now. At times, it seems even that is more than we can handle. However, I have always thought that at some point in my life, I (rather, we) would adopt an unfortunate child or pair of siblings. My argument is that since our lives are blessed with so much, from a financial and well-being standpoint, that we could afford to spread the wealth and give someone a chance in life who otherwise would have none. But it’s not all about financial stability; it’s about having a warm heart, and the patience to help other children through life’s hurdles.

This comment reminded me of that thought as I wondered how things would be if we adopted a couple of kids who were past the baby stage (I’m totally done with that).  I still can’t answer that as it all depends on personalities, and a number of other factors. But still, the thought remains.

As our girls play with our guests this morning, I still wonder if we could really deal with a larger family. I know they all get along now basically because they don’t see each other all the time. But I still wonder…