Birthday Number Three

15 02 2009
Birthday Number 3

Birthday Number 3

“Annabelle, my younger daughter, recently celebrated her 3rd birthday. We live in a multicultural house, and thus had two different types of ways to celebrate. The first is the traditional Korean seaweed soup breakfast. The second is the traditional cake and ice cream party. We didn’t have a large party for Annabelle this time because she was a little sick the day before and didn’t want to get everyone else sick. She had a fun day either way.”

Happy Birthday, Eliana

26 03 2008

Yesterday was Eliana’s Fourth Birthday. We actually had her party over the weekend, but still, we tried to remind her that today was her real birthday, and the other day was just the party.

When I dropped off Eliana at school yesterday, I tried my best to not be in a big hurry as I usually am to get to work. Before I left the classroom, I squatted down, and gave her the usual “Popo, Kiss and Hug”, but before I let her go, I gently pulled her towards me and whispered into her ear “Happy Birthday, Eliana”. She thank you, can gave me another hug. And then, she went off to play with the rest of the class.

Looking at her today, it’s still amazing to see how big she is, both is size and personality. I think back to the things my parents said to me growing up, and find myself uttering the same words. Eliana was born four years ago to a couple of parents who didn’t know any better. After four years, it seems we are a little battle worn.

The other day, we were walking through the baby aisle, and then it stuck me: we haven’t had to go to the baby food specific section in quite a while. I guess we’ve been too busy to really notice. And, truth be told (from me, anyway) I don’t miss the baby part. I remember back then that I couldn’t wait for Eliana to grow up a little so that I could talk to her and play with her. Now, she is there, and I find myself engulfed in work so that she can have all the things she needs and a few things she wants. It’s a little tough to strike the right balance with work and family, but I will keep trying because after all, work is temporary, family is permanent.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Eliana