Prone to Injury

8 06 2008

Annabelle is your typical, active little 2 year old. She runs, and plays and can get into trouble just well as, if not better than, any other toddler out there. However, it really seems that Annabelle is injury prone. At some point, it has to seem that we are trying to injure her on purpose, but really, we want her to be as safe as possible.

Over the past year, we have been thankful for our health insurance plan. It has given us much piece of mind when it’s come to Annabelle’s visits to the ER. Grand total thus far, Annabelle has seen the ER at Desert Banner in Mesa four times. She has had stitches twice, once on her eyelid, and another under her chin. I was there for both.

Recently, Annabelle had a mishap at the childcenter at the gym. In the child center, there is a computer area, and a huge play area, and both are divided by a walkway. The play area is closed off by a hingeless door that is at child level; that means that any child who can walk and grab the door handle can open in. And worse, close it. About two weeks ago, Annabelle somehow didn’t retract her fingers quick enough and got several fingers smashed. It looked as painful as it must have felt to her. Her fingernail was bleeding underneath for a couple of days, on and off.

For as bad as that particular injury was, we thought that was the worst of it.  Then, about a week or so later, two fingers down, her fingernail started to just come off. She was just sitting calmly in her chair in the van, while we were driving, and then we noticed that she had been playing with something on her finger. It was a double-take when we realized that she was playing with the fingernail that was coming off. Annabelle didn’t seem to mind it; but for those of us looking at this, thinking about our our fingernails, it just looked painful.  Eventually, the fingernail did come off, and well, she will now have about 6-9 months before it grows back completely.

In these coming months, so many more things can happen to Annabelle that we can’t foresee, but we can only hope to do our best that nothing happens to her fingernail-less finger. Everything I look at it, I just can’t stop thinking about my own fingernails—<shutter>.