Why Do Toddlers …

22 07 2008

Like to be naked?

Of all thing strange things I’ve witnessed from my children so far, Annabelle’s fondness for her birthday suit has been by far the most baffling. This has only happened lately, I think since we started to really “try” to toilet train her.

When we come home from a trip to the store, Annabelle makes sure to venture out of sight just long enough to remove her clothes, and her diaper. The upside of all this nudity is that it does help us to remind her to go to the toilet more often.

In the mornings, she still wakes up earlier than we do. However, now after she peeks into our room in the morning, she will sneak off to her room again, and remove all excess clothing, and arrive again in our bedroom…sans diaper. Just want I want to see first thing in the morning.

Well, at least she’s usually smiling about all this nakedness.  I just hope this is one phase that ends soon.