Falling Off the Bed

2 02 2008

About a month or so ago, we noticed that Annabelle was getting pretty tall for her crib. While I hadn’t lowered her be in a while, it was already pretty low. I think she liked sleeping in the crib because then she could bounce around the whole bed at night, and the bars would keep her inside the crib. I guess babies like that kind of stuff.

Over the holidays it was always funny to us that Annabelle would wake up before us, but would be stuck in the crib. She would have whole conversations with herself. Sometimes she would try to reach her sister through the crib and try to play with her. In all, we felt it was time to remove the bars and set her free. The original idea was to put the guard rails on the bed so that she could continue to bounce around the bed at night, and still be held in by something. Well, when I lowered her bed, I had the rails, but the bolts and screws to keep it in place were missing. I guess that happens when you move.

So, we thought it would be ok; if she fell, it would only be about a foot. And the floor is carpet, and is upstairs, so there is sound bounce to the floor. Nevertheless, we still put some padding on the side just to help cushion the blow. The first few nights in her new bed we noisy to say the least. We heard a loud thump on a few occasions. Sometimes she woke up, others she continued to sleep. It wasn’t often where we had to go in there to console her.

The funny thing now is that I don’t think she falls off the bed anymore. Recently she just wakes up and trots into our room. She sees me in my bed, and tells me “Ahpa tired”. I just say yes, and try to get a couple more minutes of rest.  I think it’s amazing that she could adapt her sleeping to a new bed like that, and not fall off as often. Babies (well, toddlers) are pretty smart…S M R T…