Fun and Tears

13 09 2008

Today was the first soccer game of the season. It was a pleasant 90 degrees at game time here in the desert. Over the next few weeks, this should decrease to even more pleasant temperatures.

Anticipation, excitement and nerves filled the air. The fields were packed with on-going soccer matches as far as the eye could see. As we hauled our supplies to the fields, we found the coach and the rest of the team. Eventually, we found out we were on the wrong field, so off we went to find the correct one.

Once the games started, it was fun and tears. Some players were pretty excited. Others wanted the ball more often. Some just had performance anxiety.  I felt a little upset that Eliana didn’t want to play, but then I reminded myself why we wanted her to join the team in the first place: to play and have fun.  And, that’s all I told her all day. Have fun, kick the ball and score a goal. We’ll have a great snack and lunch after you score.

I’m sure the layers of protection didn’t help as it was rather hot under all that padding on their legs. When we finally arrived at the car, she basically took all the soccer gear off until all she was left with was her shorts and shirt. 

As I was walking with Eliana back to the car after the game, she said:

Do you remember when you played soccer when you were a kid?

I had to give her an honest answer:

Dad didn’t have chance to play when he was a kid.

I’m glad she has this opportunity to play, exercise, be social and have fun.

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