Little Gym Rat

16 02 2009
Little Gym Rat

Little Gym Rat

Our youngest daughter loves to play, as any toddler. I try to participate in her life despite my work schedule. The local Little Gym had a fun toddler class, and I decided to record one of our visits together. Annabelle revels in the full attention she receives from one of us at a time, but she should know, it’s just as fun from our side to focus on one child at a time as well.


School Days

30 07 2008

This week, school started for the Chandler Unified School District, and that means that Eliana is back in class. This year, she is in pre-kindergarten class, and as far as I can tell, she is having a blast. Her sister, on the other hand, is seeing things a little differently.

Over the summer, Eliana and Annabelle spent a lot of time together. They went to every class and activity together. They played with each other, they fought with each other often. But now that Eliana is going to school, the mornings are a little more difficult for Annabelle. The morning routing is normal: wake up, eat, clean up and go. But that last part is where it falls apart. This morning, as Eliana and I were ready to walk to the car and head to school, Annabelle wanted to go too. She put on her dress as Eliana was getting dressed for schoool. As Eliana walked out the door, she thought she would go too. She went to get he diaper so she could go out. As I was walking out the door, she said she wanted to go to school, too. I told her that she had to poop in the toilet in order to go to school.  She immediately headed to the bathroom. She took me a little too literally, I suppose. When she returned, she was sad that her efforts were done in vain as Eliana and I were in the car, rolling out of the garage. I saw Annabelle’s sad face, and felt a little bad for her.  I remember as a kid, I always just wanted to get out of the house…often.

I understand that Annabelle wants to go everywhere with her sister. But, what she doesn’t realize I guess is that she now gets to spend a little one on one time with her mom. I’m sure her mom is really excited.

Why Do Toddlers …

22 07 2008

Like to be naked?

Of all thing strange things I’ve witnessed from my children so far, Annabelle’s fondness for her birthday suit has been by far the most baffling. This has only happened lately, I think since we started to really “try” to toilet train her.

When we come home from a trip to the store, Annabelle makes sure to venture out of sight just long enough to remove her clothes, and her diaper. The upside of all this nudity is that it does help us to remind her to go to the toilet more often.

In the mornings, she still wakes up earlier than we do. However, now after she peeks into our room in the morning, she will sneak off to her room again, and remove all excess clothing, and arrive again in our bedroom…sans diaper. Just want I want to see first thing in the morning.

Well, at least she’s usually smiling about all this nakedness.  I just hope this is one phase that ends soon.

Falling Off the Bed

2 02 2008

About a month or so ago, we noticed that Annabelle was getting pretty tall for her crib. While I hadn’t lowered her be in a while, it was already pretty low. I think she liked sleeping in the crib because then she could bounce around the whole bed at night, and the bars would keep her inside the crib. I guess babies like that kind of stuff.

Over the holidays it was always funny to us that Annabelle would wake up before us, but would be stuck in the crib. She would have whole conversations with herself. Sometimes she would try to reach her sister through the crib and try to play with her. In all, we felt it was time to remove the bars and set her free. The original idea was to put the guard rails on the bed so that she could continue to bounce around the bed at night, and still be held in by something. Well, when I lowered her bed, I had the rails, but the bolts and screws to keep it in place were missing. I guess that happens when you move.

So, we thought it would be ok; if she fell, it would only be about a foot. And the floor is carpet, and is upstairs, so there is sound bounce to the floor. Nevertheless, we still put some padding on the side just to help cushion the blow. The first few nights in her new bed we noisy to say the least. We heard a loud thump on a few occasions. Sometimes she woke up, others she continued to sleep. It wasn’t often where we had to go in there to console her.

The funny thing now is that I don’t think she falls off the bed anymore. Recently she just wakes up and trots into our room. She sees me in my bed, and tells me “Ahpa tired”. I just say yes, and try to get a couple more minutes of rest.  I think it’s amazing that she could adapt her sleeping to a new bed like that, and not fall off as often. Babies (well, toddlers) are pretty smart…S M R T…