Diapers, Go Away

22 08 2008

Maybe it’s just me, but it really seems like Annabelle is too old for diapers now. She speaks and plays and just does things that we adults can understand.  But I am reminded on a regular basis that she is still in diapers. I guess it’s worse for her mom who changes the majority of them on a daily basis. While both her mom and I both want this diaper phase to end, I think Annabelle wants it to end pretty soon too.

Annabelle has grown more disdain for her diapers over the past few months.  She’s been in the naked toddler phase (on that Eliana thankfully skipped) for the last few months. There is something about the birthday suite that is just comfortable to kids her age. However, there have been occasions where she has done her business in the diaper, and then, well, she doesn’t seem too comfortable after that. Since it is the only way of relieving herself with which she is comfortable, she sometimes asks us to let her wear a diaper. Well, as she starts to learn that she can avoid the uncomfortable feeling if a dirty diaper, I think she’ll start to see the benefit of not using diapers.

Annabelle is growing so fast, and I’m not in a particular hurry to see her grow up, however, one stage that I truly wish was over is the diaper stage. Diapers, go away!