Our Family Values

1 01 2008

The current state of the typical American family drastically is different than that of the classic 50s era image.  However, our family seems to have returned to that idea a little more. My wife and I are married, with no history of divorce. We have two great children. No pets though; we have enough little critters to clean up after right now. In all, no matter how angry, tired or frustrated my kids make me, I always feel lucky. Lucky to be their father, lucky that they are my children and no one else’s. I always know that I want to give my kids the best of what I have so that they can be better than me at everything they do. But, that got me thinking: what is it I’m really trying to pass on to the kids? The answer I found was: Family Values.

Family Values is more than a generic political term used by the Christian faithful of the country. Family Values are those ideals that you pass on to your children as they grow up. These are the things they will based their actions on for the rest of their lives. So, as I have memorized the six Intel values (from work), and tried to apply them to the way I perform at work, I thought it would be an important exercise for my wife and I to explore our family values, and write them down. By writing them down and sharing them with the world, and more importantly with our children, we are committing to these values, and showing our girls that these ideas are important to us.

Our family values are:

Creativity – Encourage and explore your individual creativeness in all aspect of your live from work to play

Intelligence – Live life and make your decisions with the knowledge and wisdom necessary to make the best choices

Simplicity – Eliminating complexity from your lives will help you to enjoy the things you care about most

Well Being – Maintain and develop your physical, spiritual mental and emotional well being so that you can pursue what is important to you

Relationships – We do not travel this Earth alone. We are gifted with the presence of others. Positive relationships with those around you will help you through your journeys.

Of course, this exercise only works if you believe them, and revisit them often. I plan on posting these in our house somewhere for a daily reminder of what drives us. Our Family Values are important, and I urge you to find yours. Here are some helpful links to get you started on you and your family’s journey on the path to self-discovery.

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