Annabelle Eats some Salad

29 04 2008

Over and over again, I find myself repeating the same stereotype phrases of parents of yesteryear; and I find it a little disturbing.

Last night at the dinner table, Annabelle was doing her normal thing: eating only what she wanted, and ignoring all the salad and other healthy items on her plate. Don’t get me wrong, most everything on her plate is healthy, but we want to encourage her to eat salads. Her older sister eats them with no issues.

Annabelle, generally will start to chew a salad or vegetable, and then spit it out. Last night was different, but not by chance. As she started to repeat this routine I knew all too well, I, in my fatherly voice, instructed her to finish eating her salad in her mouth. At 2 years old, Annabelle already knows how to play the cute card. I am not immune to it, but any weakness in the “angry armor”, and all that you are trying to do gets tossed aside by a small giggle. As I finished scolding her, she looked at me with her cute face, and just froze. I did my best to be stern, and encourage her to continue eating the salad in her mouth. After half a minute or so, she continued eating her salad. But after that, she started to let her mom feed her salad. Of course, with any food, you have to put a little sweetness in it, and we always try to put some raisins and salad dressing to make it taste better. Amazingly, Annabelle picked up speed in eating her salad, and finished the remaining salad without anymore issues. I was encouraging by moving my stern voice to a more positive tone, so she knew that she was doing what I asked.

In the end, I think Annabelle will still eat and spit out the food she doesn’t find tasty, but this is the job of all parents, and this part of the can not end soon enough.